• School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE
Library Visit

Yesterday we visited Grange Library. We got excited about books and couldn’t believe the range of books they had – some were new ones we had never seen before! Lots of children left with piles of books to take home and read.

The orange game!

We did computing unplugged today where the children learnt about networking through the orange game! They had to communicate and problem solve so that everybody had the correct oranges but there were rules how they could be passed around the circle. At the end, we did a large game with all 15 children and, although it was tricky, we were elated when we completed the challenge!

Forum Theatre

Today we explored Mae-ling and the dragon through forum theatre!

Dex, sin, dex, sin, dex, sin…

Key Stage 2 became legionaries today and practised their marching skills. The centurion directed “Dex, sin” (right, left). Bringing history to life!


We have been ordering and learning about events in Roman history. Here are some of our freeze frames!

X-ray Vision!

Yesterday, year 5 and 6 recapped organs in the human body by drawing them onto one person in each group to create an x-ray. It’s great fun learning about what’s inside us!

Roman Vocabulary Hunt

For our new History topic, it is important for us to learn and understand some new vocabulary, so we went on a vocabulary hunt! The children found the definition, recorded it in their books and then re-hid the card in a different place for someone else to find. Lots of fun and excitement around learning new words!

Our Residential!

We had a great time on our residential last week. We stayed at High House in Seathwaite which was a great base for all our adventurous activities such as ghyll scrambling, rock climbing, mountain hiking, campfire building, paddle boarding and orienteering.

Out into Lindale

This afternoon, since the sun was shining, we decided to get out into Lindale and do some fieldwork. We sat near the main road to Grange and tallied the different types of vehicles coming past. It was so busy we almost couldn’t keep up! Then we walked up to John Wilkinson’s memorial and did some sketching.

Discovering Lindale

It was really interesting looking at old maps of Lindale and seeing how our local area has developed over time. Thank you to the staff at Barrow Archive for coming in and delivering the session.

  • School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE