• School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE
Our Vision and Values

Our pupils, parents, governors and staff have worked together to develop our vision statement.


Let Your Light Shine

We believe that everyone is an individual, created in the image of God, who should be encouraged and nurtured in order to flourish and achieve their full potential. We want all our pupils to develop knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for learning so they can thrive in every area of life. We encourage everyone to positively understand their own worth and that of others. As a small rural school, we seek to broaden our understanding of the world and become advocates for good. Our aim is to inspire our whole school family to ‘walk as children of light’.


Our Vision Document describes the process and thinking behind our vision statement.

Our vision statement is underpinned  by our Christian values and together our vision and our values run through everything that we do.  

See the image above for how our pupils say they let their light shine.


Our Core Values

As a church school we believe it is important to develop core Christian values by which to live and which help to develop moral and spiritual awareness. We explore the meanings of the core values and their significance through Collective Worship as well as referring to them regularly throughout the day. Whilst these are inclusive of human values, we link them to the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories and readings.

Children, staff, parents and governors have been involved in selecting four core Christian Values which are central to our school community. These values are:

Kindness     Trust     Peace     Perseverance

We live out these values in all that we do in school and relate them to our work, play and friendships. This also includes thinking about others who are less fortunate than ourselves. We regularly support different charities throughout the year including Boxes of Hope, Save the Children, Children in Need, Sports Relief and other charities as identified by children in the school.

Please click below for further explanation of our Christian values:

Every week someone who has demonstrated the school vision and values in their behaviour, is chosen for our ‘Shine Tree’. Class teachers select a child who has let their light shine and they hang a candle with their name and acheivement onto the tree. Children may be chosen for sharing a talent, being helpful, showing perseverance, looking after a friend or something else which reflects our values.

Below see the tile made by our Ethos Reps for Carlisle Cathedral. They used designs from the children to create their final composition. They put our school badge in the sun to show that Lindale School shines out into our community and wider world. They included our oak tree with our school values, as well as some smiling pupils.

  • School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE