• School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE
Maths Art

One of our fun activities this week was Maths Art. The children made a design with coloured squares then they had to count the squares and work out some mathematical equations.

Drama Day!

Today, the children wrote a play-script from our class book, Warhorse, then they acted it out!!

Creative Cookies

The children used their measuring skills to make some delicious cookies. Then, they used their creative skills to decorate them!!

Year 3/4 Residential

We had an amazing time on our residential. We did lots of exciting activities like canoeing, rock climbing and an educational trip to White Scar Caves. In the evening, the children made their own fires and they got to toast marshmallow.

A visit from Mr Russell!

Mr Russell, the Science teacher from Cartmel Secondary School, came to our school on Wednesday to do a Science lesson with Key Stage Two. The children did an experiment with sweets to find out that if chewing improved their memory. After lots of investigations, they found out that it didn’t improve their memory but it did improve  their chewing skills!!!



How do we get seasons?

In Science, we are learning about how we get the different seasons. Using spherical objects, we went outside to replicate how we got either summer or winter which depended on which hemisphere was pointing either towards or away from the sun. We discussed that, while one hemisphere was experiencing summer, the other hemisphere would be experiencing winter.


‘It’s been a quacking week!’

On Thursday, Thea’s mum brought in three khaki campbell ducklings called Eggna, Dodgy D and Pancake.  Thea’s mum let the children stroke the ducklings, they were so cute!!


Author Visit

Today, KS2 visited Leven Valley School to hear how Kita Mitchell, the author of Grandma Dangerous series,  became an author and while we were there she signed some of the children’s books that they had purchased. The children had a lovely time and asked some really interesting questions.

Exploring the Phases of the Moon!

During science this week, we recreated the Lunar phases using oreo biscuits. The children had to accurately model the moon phases and then put them in order.


Easter Drama

During English this week the children were acting out some scenarios from the Easter story!!


  • School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
  • Cumbria LA11 6LE