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Sports Events


Due to the current situation, we have been advised not to run festivals in the first instance. The expectation is that we deliver, increased participation in competitive sport. With this in mind, we will be trying out sports tasks virtually. As soon as things go back to normal, the following timetable will re-commence.

The following list of dates includes all our cluster events for the year, as well as the district (South Lakes)events, some of which have details yet to be confirmed. There may also be some other participation events later in the year which we may be able to attend.

We do our best to attend as many of these events as we can, to give all of the children as many opportunities as possible to take part in competition against other schools, and also to provide a wide range of sporting experiences in small to large teams, and in varied sports.

Cartmel cluster Inter School competitions and festivals take place at Cartmel Priory School (CPS) apart from the Orienteering

South Lakes (District) competitions – teams have to qualify from the cluster competition to go forward to this next round; this may be 1 or 2 teams depending on the competition

County/School Games competitions – winners of District event go through



Cartmel Cluster 

7.10.20      Football – 5-a-side Festival

Y3&4  Y5&6           1-3pm                                                           

21.10.20    Netball 5- a side Festival

 Y5&6                      1 – 3pm

9.11.20      Multi Skills 

 Y2                            1 – 3pm

12.11.20    Sportshall Athletics 

Y5&6                       12.30pm                                                                                                                  

26.11.20      Cluster Cross Country Festival – Cartmel 

Y3&4 Y5&6                1 – 3pm

District – South Lakes


Y5&6                            1 -3pm

The date for this will be confirmed at our next PE meeting at the end of September.          


Cartmel Cluster 

18.1.21     Multiskills Festival   

 Year 1                         1 – 3pm

1.2.21        Key Step Gymnastics Competition

Y1&2 Y3&4 Y5&6        12.30 – 3pm                                                      

22.3.21       Quicksticks Hockey Festival

  Y3&4 Y5&6                  1 – 3pm


District – South Lakes

Y3&4  Y5&6                      

 Key Step Gym competition (Small Schs) at CPS                                                Y3&4 Y5&6                    

 Sportshall Athletics competition at Kendal Leisure Centre


County – Cumbria

 Sportshall Athletics Final – Penrith Leisure Centre                                                 Y5&6                                                                 

Key Step Gym – Penrith Leisure Centre 

 Y1&2 Y3&4 Y5&6                                              


Cartmel Cluster 

6.5.21          Tri-Golf Competition

 Y3&4, Y5&6          1 – 3pm        

17.5.21       Mini Tennis Competition

Y5&6                     1 – 3pm                                                        

26.5.21         Mini Tennis Festival

 Y3&4                    1 – 3pm

16.6.21            Rounders Festival     

 Y5&6                   1 – 3pm

 23.6.21          Kwik Cricket Festical

 Y5&6                     1 – 4pm                                                

District – South Lakes

Quicksticks Hockey Competition at QKS, Kendal


Mini Tennis Festival

Y3&4 Y5&6

Tri Golf  

Y3&4 Y5&6        

County – Cumbria

Cumbria School Games – Carlisle – all day

 High 5, Mini Tennis, Quicksticks Hockey, Tri Golf.

Cartmel Cluster

8.7.21                   Olympics – Athletics 

All children

9.7.21 Reserve date Olympics – Athletics

All children

Spring and Summer term dates will be confirmed at our January PE meeting.

  • School Hill, Lindale,
  • Grange-over-Sands,
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